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"The new Rejuvenating Factor serum is awesome! I’ve been using it for months, but I saw definite lifting and firming results within days of first use! Wouldn’t be without it now. I use all the My Secret Treasures products, especially the Radiant Glow moisturizer and the eye cream. No other products I’ve used (and I’ve used some pricey cosmetics) have worked so quickly to provide a healthy, natural skin glow, and minimize lines around the eyes. Keep up the great work!"
-Madeline, Huntington, NY
"I love My Secret Treasures Radiant Glow Anti-Aging Moisturizer. I put it on my face every day, and it makes my skin look and feel so good -- it's age defying!"
-Beth M., Garden City, NY
"I’m thrilled with the results I’m seeing from using Rejuvenating Factor! At age 74, I was doubtful I’d notice a difference, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. After 8 weeks I noticed that the wrinkles under my eyes were softening, and today at 12 weeks, I’m seeing that depression marks along my cheek area have definitely reduced. I’m sold! This serum lifts and firms as its label describes, so I’ll be a life-long user!"
-LeAnn, Mechanicsburg, PA
"You know when people come up to you and say, WOW you look good. That has been happening since I started using the Rejuvenating Factor Serum. There can be no other reason. I love the way my skin looks (meaning less intense lines). I have been using the toner, eye cream and moisturizer, however I added the serum two months ago. Since then people have said I look good which of course helps me to feel good too!"
-Ruthie, White Plains, NY
"The Rejuvenating Factor serum is great! It's packed with all the key essentials to lift and smooth lines. It easily measures up to the most expensive serums on the market today. The ingredients are skin-healthy, and they work! I have noticed a significant change in my skin after using it for three weeks. Since I always want to look my best, I will definitely put this on my 'must-have' list."
-Rosemarie, Baldwin, NY
"I absolutely love the Revitalizing and Lifting Mineral Eye Cream! Within days of using it I noticed a significant difference in all those fine lines around my eyes, and so did everyone else. The Revitalizing and Lifting Mineral Eye Cream feels so light on my skin, and it takes a very tiny amount to deliver amazing results! It literally erased years in minutes! Thank you for the youthful look!!"
-Bonnie, East Islip, NY
"I received the Complete Skin Care bundle as a gift, and after trying the Radiant Glow Anti-Aging Moisturizer I can’t get enough of these products. I absolutely love the Revitalizing and Lifting Eye Cream and the Radiant Glow Anti-Aging Moisturizer. I love how they feel on my face, and the fragrance is so pleasant and soothing. I have definitely seen a difference in the texture and firmness of my skin since using these products and have received so many compliments. Thank you My Secret Treasures!"
-Laura, Cortlandt Manor, NY
"I'm so thankful that my friend recommended My Secret Treasures products to me. I especially love the Toner and noticed a difference in my skin within a week of using it, even without the moisturizer. The moisturizer is very light and absorbable without feeling oily. It keeps my skin nicely hydrated all day. Since I've been using all the products together, my skin texture and appearance has definitely improved. I'm in my 60's and was really looking for a nice, complete product without a lot of steps. I found it!"
-Cynthia, Hershey, PA
"I have extremely sensitive, dry skin and was reluctant to try something new, but I am really glad I did. The moisture creme is excellent. It absorbs, protects and moisturizes without feeling like I have "mayonnaise" on my face! And the cleanser is very effective and soothing. Try it. You will like it!"
-Cecilia, Melville, NY
"Love the eye cream and moisturizer so much! I see the change in my skin in three days. I had just purchased from a national brand and it was greasy, didn't change anything and super expensive. I'll never use anything else again!"
-Alice, Franklin Square, NY
"I love My Secret Treasure products, especially the cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream. The products are light, hydrating and do not cause irritation. My skin definitely looks and feels silky and smooth now. I just placed an order for my daughter in college who also loves the mineral products!"
-Sharyn, Hockessin, DE
"I love your products. Thank you for keeping me looking young!"
-Ruth, White Plains, NY
"Great eye cream ... took it to Europe and it WORKS!"
-Joady, Paradise Valley, AZ
"My sister asked me why I don't have bags under my eyes. I told her I use My Secret Treasures eye cream every day. Then she said that if she didn't know me she couldn't guess my age, and that I looked 15 years younger! That's the greatest compliment she's ever given me!"
-Delia, Farmingdale, NY
"I started with the cleanser and toner and overnight I see a difference! I will never buy the cheap 'expensive' stuff ever again!"
-Alice, Franklin Square, NY
"I received my order on Saturday and had everything I needed to take a nice long hot bath on Sunday, and I used everything. Wouldn't you know it, but my husband actually commented on my skin afterwards. Will wonders never cease?"
-Marci, Commack, NY
"I'm a man with chronically dry skin and I've been using moisturizers for years. A friend gave me a jar of the Radiant Glow Moisturizing Cream as a gift and now I'm hooked. I tried using other less expensive products, but no way. There's just no comparison, nothing else I've tried works as well."
-Robert, Norfolk, VA
"When I wake up in the morning and my eyes are puffy, I immediately put on the My Secret Treasures Eye Cream, and by the time I'm showered and dressed my eyes look refreshed and beautiful again."
-Roxanne, Queens, NY
"I love your products. My face always feels silky smooth after I wash with the Cleanser."
-Timini, Sarasota, FL
"I finally found a product that helps my heel cuts and calluses. I'm always barefoot, and walking on the patio has made the bottoms of my feet an eyesore. The Body Scrub helped them within two days. Utilizing the scrub and a stone my feet are now soft and supple. I've tried everything and nothing else works. So, I must congratulate you for this -- it's a miracle!"
-Jo-Ann, Rockville Centre, NY
"My heartfelt thanks for shipping my products so quickly! I hate being without them and I am truly a huge fan!"
-Eileen, Holmdel NJ
"I visited my dermatologist for a regular checkup, and during the examination he told me to keep doing the peels or treatments I've been getting because my skin looked so much firmer. I told him I wasn't getting any treatments or peels, just using the moisturizing cream from My Secret Treasures. He replied, "well then just keep doing that because it's working!"
-George, Babylon, NY
"I've been using the body scrub in the shower, and I look forward to the ginger citrus scent every morning when I wake up. The product is gentile on my skin and I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a product to soften their skin."
-Lanie, Plainview, NY
"After I started using the Radiant Glow moisturizing cream and the eye cream people began to ask if I was doing something different because my skin looked so good! However, I didn't realize how much I really liked the products until I ran out. My skin felt dry and rough to the touch without them. Now I'll never run out again!"
-Suzanne N., Long Island, NY
"My eyes feel like velvet since I started using My Secret Treasures' eye cream!"
-Courtney, Garden City, NY
"I have sensitive eyes and I tried several high priced, name brand eye creams. None of them lift and smooth out my fine lines, without irritation, the way your products do. Whenever I run out, the difference in my eyes is obvious and I reorder right away!"
-Rosemarie, Baldwin, NY
"The Radiant Glow Anti-aging Moisturizer Cream is the best moisturizing cream I have ever used. It's so clean, non-greasy and light on the face. My skin feels so soft and looks so good after I use it. And it's rich, yet light and silky. I love the fragrance, too."
-Delia, Farmingdale, NY